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How to make a Japanese paper doll 01

I have a blog in Spanish with lots of tutorials for making Japanese paper dolls. Now I decided to make it in English also.
If you want to see the Spanish tutorials, they are available in:
You can use them for cards, bookmarks, decorations, etc.
I will start with a basic doll. I hope you like it!

These dolls are made with "washi" (Japanese paper). There are many kinds of washi, for the kimono I used "chiyogami", that has many patterns, and for the obi (belt), I used origami paper (one color). You can use one color paper, but paper with patterns can also work.
For the head and neck, I use cardboard, a little bit thicker than usual, and for the hair, black crepe paper.

For this doll, you will need:

Head: 1) 1 circle of 2,5 cm (1 inch).
2) 1 rectangle of 0,5x5 cm (0,2 x 2 inches)

Hair: 2 pieces of crepe paper: 3) 4 cm height x 3,2 cm width (1,6 inches height x 1,3 inches width)
4) 2,5 cm height x 5 cm width (1 inch height x 2 inches width)
Since we are making the hair, please cut the paper vertically.

Hair decoration: 5)You can use a little butterfly or flower, a ribbon, etc.

Kimono: Normally, chiyogami paper comes in 15 cm squares and with some pattern on one side and blank on the other. 6) Cut one of those in half, diagonally.
If you have a one single side chiyogami, then you'll need 7) an extra piece of origami paper, also cut diagonally in half.

Obi (belt): 8) 1 color origami paper, 3 x 2,5 cm (1,2 x 1 inches)

1. Paste the chiyogami paper against the origami paper.

2. With the kimono pattern side up, follow about 0,5 to 0,7 cm (0,2 to 0,3 inch)

3. Flip the paper, put the neck of the doll in the center, and fold diagonally the right side of the doll (your left side). It is important that you fold this side, because that is the side you should put first, when you wear a kimono. In Japan, the right side on top of the left is used only to dress a corpse for the funeral.

 4. Overlap it with the left side of the doll (your right).

5. Fold the left (your right) side towards the edge of the red folding.

6. Fold the right side (your left). In this case, it doesn't matter if you want to do the right first, but I think it's easier to fold the left one first, to give it shape.
 Unfold both sides to put the obi in the next step.

7. Fold the obi paper towards the center on both edges, flip and paste to the doll's wrist.

Paste the sleeves according to the foldings in step #6. 

8.  Paste the head to the neck.
9. Paste the hair to the back of the head, leaving the same space in both sides. Fold towards the face and paste.
10. Paste the front head.
11. Fold to the back and paste it.
12. Fold following the shape of the head, to avoid rough edges.
13. Paste the ribbon where you like it.
And it's done! 

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  1. thank you so much for this very informative and very easy to follow set of instructions. I'm Japanese and have always wondered how to make these Washi Ningyo! Now I'll be making tons of them! I also enjoy your Spanish version tutorials too! Keep them coming!

    1. Thanks Grace! I'm very glad you like them! :)

  2. Thank you so much! now I can make a cute washi doll with ease. It is fun! May I copy this and I share again by using Indonesian?

    1. Thank you Dyah! I'm glad you liked them ;)
      Of course you can translate them to Indonesian, just remember to quote my blog :)